Best Time to Visit Universal Orlando | best time to visit Universal Orlando

Best Time to Visit Universal Orlando

Are you planning a trip to the Universal Orlando Resort?  If you are flexible on your dates and want to avoid large crowds, here is a list of the best time to visit Universal Orlando and the worst time to visit Universal Orlando:

Best Time to Visit Universal Orlando:

September through Early November – especially during the week after Labor Day.  Walking around the parks and hotels, it’s amazing how low the crowds are.  You may deal with some crowd during the weekends for Halloween Horror Nights, but for the most part you’ll be able to walk onto almost all of the popular rides.  The weather during September can be hot, but not as hot as July.  When you get into mid-October, the weather is glorious.

Best Time to Visit Universal Orlando
Universal’s Portofino Bay Hotel empty on a day in September

January through February – After everyone has overloaded on holiday trips to the parks, the crowds tend to slow down during these months.  You will have no problem riding your favorite rides multiple times without a line.  The downfall to visiting during these months:  it can get pretty cold, even for northerners.

May – Again, after everyone has taken their spring break trip to Orlando the parks tend to clear out in May.  Most people are back home focusing on finishing up the school year before summer begins or people are saving their vacation until summer.  The nice thing about the parks being in Orlando, it’ll already be hot in May, so you’ll feel like you’re already on a summer vacation trip.  In our book, this really is the best time to visit Universal Orlando.

The list above shows you the best time to visit Universal Orlando.  Keep reading to see the worst times to learn when to avoid the parks if possible.

Worst Time to Visit Universal Orlando:

June through August – We think it’s pretty common knowledge that the parks get busy during summer break.  Add the insane Florida heat to the mix and you’ve got a pretty rough combo.  We understand that for some this is the only time they can travel to the resort, but if you are able to visit during another time we highly suggest you do so.

Thanksgiving Week through New Year’s Day – For the same reasons above, people are off and so they take the time to head to the parks.  The holidays obviously draw people to the parks and we do recommend checking the parks out during this time because the decorations are great, but don’t expect to get on a bunch of rides.

March through April – This is Spring Break time and again you must avoid if possible.  The weather is still bearable at this point but if you can hold off until May, you’ll be able to experience all of the attractions without the hassle of crowds.

*Side Note:  While some of this can apply to the Walt Disney World Resort as well, the “off season” has become more limited at WDW due to its ever-growing popularity and Disney’s seasonal offerings such as Food & Wine Festival, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, Flower and Garden Festival, etc.

Is the best time to visit Universal Orlando during your favorite time to visit?

What is your favorite month to visit the Universal Orlando Resort?  Comment below!


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