Coke Freestyle Mugs at Universal Orlando

One thing we absolutely love about visiting the Universal Orlando parks is being able to use our Coke Freestyle refillable mug.  We all know that at any theme park, drinks can be expensive.  Hydration, however, is essential to a successful theme park day.

When you initially purchase the Coke Freestyle mug, it will cost $11.99 and your mug will be active for the day of purchase.  You will be able to refill your mug at any of the Coke Freestyle machines around the parks and you will have from over 100 flavors of drinks to choose from.

The key to making this purchase really worth it is to save the mug and bring it back to the park with you on your next visit.  You will be able to “recharge” your mug for $6.00!  That is a really great deal when you compare that price to what it would cost to continue to purchase single-serve cups or bottled drinks.

We love that Universal has implemented such a great system and we honestly hope more parks join in!


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