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We had the chance this past weekend to experience a runDisney event.  We participated in the Mickey’s Jingle Jungle 5K which was part of the Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend at Walt Disney World.  We had a blast and wanted to highlight a few things that we learned and experienced from the runDisney weekend!  Below we’ve listed tips and info about the races and above is a video highlighting our race weekend!

runDisney Tips

  1. Open to All: You do not need to be a hardcore runner to take part in a runDisney race.  Now granted, we did the fun run.  If you try to walk one of their half marathons, you will get picked up by a pacer.  However, the fun runs allow runners and walkers to take part in the experience.  There really is a race for all, even a kids race!
  2. Book a Disney Hotel Package: After you register for a runDisney race, you will receive information about booking a hotel package for the race weekend.  Definitely look into booking one of these if you’ll be staying in Orlando for that weekend.  The prices are reasonable and they also give you a booklet of extras, including mini golf vouchers, meal vouchers, and a discount card!


  1. Dress Up!: These runDisney events are a perfect excuse to get creative and dress up in something Disney or something related to the run you’re doing!  There are so many creative outfits, so don’t be afraid to have fun with it!                                          runDisney
  2. Plan Ahead: These races sell out the same day they open for registration, so if you’re considering registering for one, plan ahead!  Know the date registration opens and be ready at the website right at opening.  Otherwise, you might miss out.

  1. Organized Fun:  Disney definitely has a great system down when it comes to placing everyone where they need to be.  From picking up the bib to the finish line, we knew exactly where we needed to go.  This allowed us to have more fun with less stress!
  2. Souvenirs!:  The event expo has some awesome merchandise available related to the run you are doing (car magnets, etc.).  Be sure to take some time to check out what they’re offering and bring some extra spending money!

IMG_1254 runDisney

runDisney Info

Want more info about runDisney?  Check out their official website here!

They offer from kids and family races up to marathons.  They even offer a challenge where you run the 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon all in one weekend!

This runDisney race was definitely not our last!  Tell us below if you’re planning to do a runDisney race in the future!


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