Our Top Five Reasons to Stay at a Walt Disney World Resort

Disney Resort Benefits

There are many reasons why we suggest staying at a Disney resort when visiting Walt Disney World.  Proximity to the parks is one obvious reason as the Walt Disney World Resort in itself is large, and the closest non-Disney resorts feel far from all of the Disney magic.  However, if you’re looking for more than proximity to convince you of why you need to stay at a Disney Resort, check out these 5 reasons:

  • Free Parking at the Parks – When you stay at a Disney Resort, your resort information is saved to your Magicband. If you have your car or a rental car and would rather depend on your own transportation to get around, you will receive free parking for all of the Walt Disney World parks! Now, parking for the theme parks has climbed to $25 per day…SO, if you’re going to visit several theme parks all week…that free parking is a nice perk! While the appeal of this benefit is lessened by the new resort parking fee imposed by Disney, most resorts and hotels in Orlando now charge a parking fee. So if you stayed off property, paid the resort parking fee, and then had to pay to park at the Disney parks – you’ll be spending a pretty penny when you could save that money for more Mickey Ice Creams!
  • Extra Magic Hours – Only Disney Resort guests get to take advantage of Extra Magic Hours, which allows only those guests to enter the theme parks early and stay later on certain days. People staying at non-Disney hotels cannot enter or remain in the parks during these times…so that gives Disney Resort guests a big boost on their RPM’s!!! (Rides Per Minute average)…and we know how important that is!
  • Disney Transportation – Disney provides buses, boats, skyliners (soon!) and the cherished Monorails to help you get to theme parks, Disney resorts, and Disney Springs. When you stay at a Disney resort, you have immediate access to these forms of transportation and can hop to different Disney destinations much easier. Also, this is extremely useful if you are flying in from out of town, or if you just want to park your car and not see it again until you drive back home. TPG Tip: The Monorail is the golden child here, and if you go to Disney you have to ride them and take in the experience. The most magical ride you can take is when you start out at the Contemporary Resort and take a journey around the Seven Seas Lagoon…stopping at marvelous resorts like the Polynesian Village Resort and the Grand Floridian Resort. Then, you finish the journey at the epicenter…The Magic Kingdom!
Walt Disney World Monorail Contemporary
  • The Disney Magical Express (DME) – This FREE airport bus service provides transportation for Disney resort guests only. You get one trip from the airport when you arrive, and one trip back to the airport when you are departing. This is HUGE!…because getting a taxi/Uber/Lyft from the airport will take a big chunk out of the vacation budget the very second you step off of the plane!
  • DME Caution!!!  There are a few things to remember when taking the DME:  
    • It may take longer to get to your resort than taking an Uber/Lyft since the bus will make stops at a few neighboring resorts…if you are strapped for time, you may want to consider an Uber or Lyft. 
    • TAKE YOUR BAGS WITH YOU!!!… The DME provides luggage assistance and gives you tags to put on your luggage, which allows them to grab your bags at the airport and deliver them to your room for you. First, if your bag contains all the important things that you need for your trip (which it does) it’s a good idea to handle it yourself. Secondly, it will take DME Luggage Assistance 3 to 5 hours – maybe even 8 hours – to deliver your bags to your room. So, if you need your stuff right away, DEFINITELY grab your bags yourself.
  • Magic:  The last reason is less practical and more magical…You’re going to Disney not just to stay at a nice hotel and go to any old theme park.  You’re going to experience that MAGIC!!! And staying at a Disney Resort helps you do that! From the different themes of the resorts, to the decorations, to the stores filled with awesome Disney merchandise, and all the fun games and shows that happen at the Disney Resorts…you are bound to experience Disney magic and create life-long memories along the way!

So now that we’ve hopefully convinced you that a Disney Resort is the way to go, we’re sure you’re wondering about the best way to book a room and where to stay! Stay tuned next week, because we’ll be discussing renting Disney Vacation Club points to stay at the gorgeous DVC resorts for the same rate as booking a Moderate Resort through Disney!

Disney Resort Information

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