Animal Kingdom

There is a lot of info we could throw at you at once, but that wouldn’t be very helpful. Rather than giving you an overwhelming list of info you might forget, here are the top things you need to know before you go to Animal Kingdom.  Be sure to check this page often for new updates!

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  • Flight of Passage/Pandora:  Flight of Passage is by far the most popular attraction at Walt Disney World right now – and it deserves to be! If you do not have a FastPass for this ride, we highly suggest lining up before the park opens and heading straight for the ride at park opening to cut down on your wait time.
  • Take Your Time:  There is a lot to see in this park and so many animals to observe and encounter.  If you have an entire day to spend here, then take your time and explore.  You’ll get to really enjoy just taking in the surroundings and feel one with nature!
  • Walking Shoes:  This park is spread out and involves A LOT of walking.  The layout is also not as neatly planned as the Magic Kingdom (hub with spokes out to each land).  Be prepared to do a lot of walking and wear some comfortable shoes.
  • A Fall/Spring Park:  It’s no secret that Orlando is hot.  Orlando doesn’t cool down until maybe the middle of October and then it starts the insanity again around April.  This park generally does not have a ton of shade, so we suggest if possible to visit this park during the cooler months so the visit will be more enjoyable and less sweaty.


    • Expedition Everest:  Possibly the best Disney coaster.  If you are a thrill-seeker, this is a must-do.  For even more of a thrill, ride in the back row!
    • Flight of Passage:  The best ride at Walt Disney World.  It’s a thrill for the senses and a must-do when you are visiting.  You remain stationary while you are immersed into the 3-D world of Pandora, so don’t worry if you’re afraid of heights – you can still experience this ride.  We highly suggest having a FastPass for this ride, if possible.
    • Kali River Rapids:  As we mentioned above, this park can be super hot on hot days.  If you are roaming the park on one of those scorchers, you can’t pass this one up for some relief.  However, even on a nice day in October this ride will give you a thrill while also soaking you.
    • Festival of the Lion King:  Located in the new Harambe Theater, we highly suggest seeing this show.  The music is amazing and the visuals are spectacular.  The familiar Lion King characters that we love are there, along with a stellar cast of singers, dancers, and acrobats!  Shows typically start each hour.
    • Kilimanjaro Safari:  A great way to get closer to the animals!  This attraction gives you the opportunity to ride in an open-air vehicle to experience the animals up close and in their surroundings.  This is a popular attraction, so set up FastPass+ beforehand or head straight to the attraction at opening.  No safari is the same, so this is one to experience each time you visit Animal Kingdom!


  • Chester & Hester’s:  This bathroom is located in DinoLand USA, close to Primeval Whirl.  We like this one because it’s very large and is able to handle the crowds well.
  • Theater in the Wild:  This one is right outside the theater housing Finding Nemo – The Musical.  This one is great because it is off main walkways which means less usage.  It does get busy right after a show lets out, but if you hit this one while a show is going on, you should be golden.
  • Expedition Everest:  While this one is located next to a popular ride, the bathrooms are typically large enough to handle the traffic.  It’s a great spot to hit right before getting on Everest or right after you get off the ride.


    • Harambe Market:  A great area to get quick service meals!  You can get a variety of African dishes, including Karubi Ribs, Chicken Skewers, and Sausage.  This area just opened, so go check it out!
    • Tusker House:  A great Character Dining restaurant!  The detailed Disney put into decorating this restaurant is amazing.  You could spend a lot of time just checking out the neat stuff on the walls and around the building.
    • Yak & Yeti Restaurant:  With a Pan-Asian menu and a great setting, this restaurant is definitely worth checking out.  It’s located in Asia, so it’s in a nice spot to ride Everest a few times in the morning and then head over for lunch.  Advance Dining Reservations (ADR) are suggested.


  • Chester & Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures:  We’re just going to put this out there – we love dinosaurs.  So, naturally this shop would be at the top of our list.  Not only can you shop for dino merch, you can pose with dinos!  Go there.  Do this.
  • Mombasa Marketplace:    Located in Africa, you can find authentic African imports such as wine, art, crafts, etc.  Very neat shop to explore and find something unique.
  • The Dino Institute Shop:  Again, we warned you about the Dino thing.  But, Dinos!  This shop is pretty neat anyway, so go check it out.