There is a lot of info we could throw at you at once, but that wouldn’t be very helpful. Rather than giving you an overwhelming list of info you might forget, here are the top things you need to know before you go to Epcot.  Be sure to check this page often for new updates!


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    • Illuminations:  The best place to view Illuminations is between the two gift shops as you enter the World Showcase – this spot is now the FastPass location.  We do not suggest using a FastPass for the show, though.  Another great viewing place is between Italy and Germany.  Most other spots around the World Showcase will have some sort of obstruction.
    • Test Track:  If the line is long for Test Track and you don’t mind having your party broken up, use the single rider line.  The cars are made up of three seats to a row, so the chances of needing single riders is higher and the line moves quicker.
    • Mexico Pavilion for Illuminations:  One neat way to view the Illuminations fireworks is from a window seat at La Hacienda de San Angel in Mexico.  You can view these amazing fireworks from the comfort of your table while you eat!  They also dim the lights and pipe in the music so you get the full experience!
    • Dessert Party:  If you are looking for an extra special experience – consider doing the Frozen Ever After Sparkling Dessert Party.  This dessert party is by far the best dessert party offering on property.  You will have a wide selection of food, desserts, and drinks; an excellent view of the fireworks; and after the fireworks, you will be escorted to the Frozen Ever After ride in Norway to ride it exclusively with other dessert party attendees.
    • Character Meets:  Keep your eye out for Character Meet and Greets around Epcot!  There are so many opportunities around the World Showcase to meet your favorite characters, including Belle, Mary Poppins, Alice, Ariel, Snow White, and Mulan!  There is also a great Character Dining experience with the Disney Princesses in Norway’s Akershus restaurant.


    • Soarin’ Around the World:  This attraction should be at the top of your list.  The updates Disney did for the ride video is amazing.  We suggest getting a FastPass for this ride but if you aren’t able to, the line can be manageable if you’re not visiting the park at a peak time.  The best seats for this ride are in Bay B, Row 1.   You may request to wait for the next ride if those seats are already taken.
    • O Canada!:  Located in the Canada Pavilion, this is a 360 degree film tour of the best of Canada.  It’s hosted by Martin Short and provides some amazing views and interesting facts.  We like this attraction because while gaining knowledge, we’re also taking an 18-minute break from the crowds/heat/cold/rain.
    • Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros:  The closest replacement we’ll get to fill the void created by the closing of Maelstrom.  A leisurely ride through the Mexico Pavilion as you take in the sights and customs of Mexico!  Panchito, José Carioca, and Donald Duck animatronics were recently installed for the finale of this ride after spending time in Tokyo Disneyland.  Definitely check this one out, especially because there is usually little to no wait to ride.
    • Spaceship Earth:  An absolute must! Located inside the Epcot ball, this attraction is iconic.  This ride allows you to board a car and travel back to the beginning of time to see how man and technology have built our world today.  The narration and the scenes are so well done and are very informative.  And remember, if you’re able to read this, thank the Phoenicians!


  • Around side of Journey into Imagination with Figment:  This bathroom is very hidden, you basically have to walk around the side of building of Figment and you almost feel like you shouldn’t be walking back there – but don’t worry you are allowed! Because this bathroom is so hidden, it’s a gem.  Not a lot of crowds and therefore typically clean.  A great one to hit if you are near Figment or near The Land, i.e. Soarin’.
  • Odyssey Center:  Ah the Odyssey Center, such a mystery.  This is the empty, futuristic-looking building in between the Mexico Pavilion and Test Track.  Its pathway serves as a great shortcut but there is also some great bathrooms there.  Due to the fact that the building is not being used, the traffic around there is somewhat limited which means the bathrooms are usually not packed.  The location in the middle of the park is great for a rest stop when transitioning between Future World and the World Showcase.
  • Across from Spaceship Earth:  There are bathrooms on both sides of Spaceship Earth but we prefer the ones on the East side (on the right when you’re exiting the park).  While this is a heavily trafficked area, the bathrooms are large enough to handle it.  We like the location as a stop before getting your ride on or as a last stop before heading out of the park.
  • Nine Dragons Restaurant in China Pavilion:  You may not realize that you can access this bathroom without dining at Nine Dragons.  You can pass through the Lotus Blossom Cafe and enter a side door to use the bathroom.  This bathroom is on the small side, but it’s clean and pretty quiet.
  • The Land Second Floor above Soarin’:  This bathroom is located right near the escalators to and from Soarin’.  It’s somewhat hidden because you have to walk around the corner and across from The Garden Grill.  This one is in a great spot to hit before your two-hour wait for Soarin’ or after your two-hour wait and ride on Soarin’.


    • Le Cellier Steakhouse:  This is our #1 pick for dining in Epcot but it is pricey.  However, it’s worth every penny.  If you love steak, you owe it to yourself to splurge on this dining experience.  This restaurant is located in the Canada Pavilion and Advance Dining Reservations (ADR) are needed.  They offer lunch and dinner, both are great.  If you happen to be at the Food & Wine Festival, go try the wild mushroom beef filet mignon with truffle butter sauce to get a cheaper preview of the restaurant’s amazing offerings.
    • Tokyo Dining:  We love Japanese cuisine and sushi, so this restaurant had to be put on the list.  Located in the Japan Pavilion, on a slow day you might be able to just walk up for a table but we still suggest an ADR.  The restaurant itself is sleek and beautiful and one of its dining rooms offers a great view of the World Showcase Lagoon.  Time it right and you can enjoy a great dinner before heading out onto the restaurant’s balcony for Illuminations.
    • Coral Reef Restaurant:  This is one unique dining experience and has somewhat become an Epcot icon.  It is located just to the right of the entrance for The Seas with Nemo & Friends.  The dining room is covered with large windows looking into the aquarium for The Seas and the view is spectacular.  While the menu can be pricey, the atmosphere, experience, view and food justify it.  They serve lunch and dinner, a majority of the choices are seafood, and an ADR is suggested.
    • Electric Umbrella:  If you are looking for a less expensive and/or quicker dining option, check out the Electric Umbrella in Future World.  Located next to the Fountain of Nations, this restaurant is in a great central location to grab lunch or dinner before hitting the next attraction.  They offer classic American choices like burgers, salads, flatbreads, chicken nuggets, and desserts.
    • L’Artisan des Glaces:  Visit the France Pavilion for dessert?  Mais bien sûr!  Tucked in the back of the France Pavilion, this sweet shop offers ice cream, sorbet, macarons, and tarts!  A great way to end the day at the park and before watching Illuminations!


  • MouseGears:  This shop located near Spaceship Earth is the futuristic equivalent of The Emporium in the Magic Kingdom.  There are so many items to choose from between souvenirs, apparel, kitchen ware, and accessories.  There are also Epcot-specific souvenirs located here too.  We always make a stop in this shop when we visit Epcot.
  • Art of Disney:  Another shop we always stop into is the Art of Disney located near Spaceship Earth.  The art display is incredible, which makes it a must-see if you are visiting Epcot.
  • Club Cool:  While you can purchase some neat Coca-Cola merchandise in this shop located next to the Fountain of Nations, this spot is most popular because you can try free samples of sodas from around the world.  Whatever you do, don’t taste Beverly!!
  • Weinkeller:  This quaint shop in the Germany Pavilion may appear to only sell bottles of wine, German chocolates, cookbooks and souvenirs but it also has a bar in the back of the shop.  At this bar, you can purchase wine flights (if you’re 21+ of course) as well as cheese plates! The prices are actually not that bad ($9.38 – $14.09 for three 2 oz. servings), so this is definitely something to check out while in the World Showcase!