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Theme Park Essentials

We’ve all seen it:  the sea of strollers parked at Magic Kingdom.  While they can be a burden, they are a necessity when traveling with young kids to the Disney parks.  To ensure a stress-free trip, it’s best to know which kind of stroller will work for your needs. That’s why this installment of our Theme Park Essentials is covering Strollers.  The parks get crowded and hot  so you’ll want to make sure you have the right stroller for your trip.

1) Umbrella Stroller

We highly suggest a simple umbrella stroller.  There a few reasons these are great.  First, they easily fold up – which is huge especially when travelling to Walt Disney World.  At some point during your trip you will probably take a tram or a bus to your destination and you’ll need to fold up your stroller quickly and easily.  Second, umbrella strollers are typically cheaper than a more deluxe stroller.  Third, these strollers are easier to transport if you are flying.  Many people opt to rent strollers rather than bring their own when flying – which is a great option – but having a great umbrella stroller that you can just check for your flight and then have for your whole trip could save you money.

Here is one we highly suggest based on how easily it folds up.  Plus it only weighs 9 pounds!  If you are flying to Disney, you could either use this as a carry-on or pack it in a checked bag!  The only downside is the wheels are not as great as a jogging stroller.  However, the convenience of this stroller definitely makes up for it!  The link to Amazon below has all of the details plus check out the video below of the stroller folding up!

If you’d rather go for something less expensive, something that will just help get from point A to point B, this adorable Disney stroller is a great example of an easy to close stroller that will keep your little one from tiring out too quickly!

2) Deluxe Stroller

These types of strollers are obviously going to give you more for your money.  You get more storage, a comfortable seat, better handling, and better shading.  These are all factors that can improve your child’s and your experience in the park. If you’re going to bring a deluxe stroller, you want to keep in mind that you’ll need it to close easily.  These strollers are also great because they allow you to easily navigate the parks, even when it’s crowded.  These strollers allow you to take turns or get up and down curbs with minimal effort.  That’s important when you’re trying to squeeze through a crowd of people on Main Street U.S.A.

I can tell you from personal experience, I recently used this stroller for a day at Disney with my 8-year-old niece.  This stroller held up perfectly even though she’s older, the handling was beautiful, and she was able to have a morning at Epcot and an evening at Magic Kingdom with no meltdowns!  We even made it to fireworks after a long, hot day!  This stroller was a life-saver, so don’t overlook this option even for your older kids.  You’ll get more out of your day!

3) Double Strollers

When you’re traveling with multiple kids, double strollers are a great idea.  There are some great options for double strollers out there – we suggest using something of higher quality so your back isn’t killing you by the end of the day.  We also need to put a note of caution regarding triple strollers – don’t do it!  Double strollers are still somewhat easy to navigate through the parks but once you get into triple and beyond, the struggle begins.  Triple strollers that are three wide (side by side) get too wide to be able to easily get around the parks and crowds.  Triple strollers that are three long (one in front of the other) are just a disaster in the parks.  Most of them are not able to turn easily and just create frustration and sore muscles for the parent!

4) Stroller Accessories

No matter which stroller you choose to bring, we cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your child cool and out of the sun.  Orlando summers are HOT.  There are plenty of great accessories out there to enhance your stroller such as stroller fans, covers, and cooling pads.  Below are a few examples:

Stroller Sun Cover – click picture for more info!
Stroller Fan – click picture for more info!
Stroller Liner to keep cool – click picture for more info!

Have you found a great stroller to use while in the parks?  
Tell us about it below!

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Universal Orlando Announces New Dining Experience at CityWalk

Universal Orlando

It was announced today on Universal Orlando’s official blog that there will be a new dining experience coming to Universal’s CityWalk.  Replacing the now-closed NBA City restaurant will be the Toothsome Chocolate Factory.  According to the blog, the theme of the restaurant will be a 19th century Steampunk chocolate factory.

A full menu will be offered including burgers, sandwiches, salads, and an all-day brunch.  The main feature, however, appears to be the desserts they will offer.  There will be a variety of unique milkshakes and ice cream sundaes to choose from.

An exact opening date for the restaurant has not been announced yet, but Universal has stated the restaurant is due to open later this year.

You can read the full blog post from Universal Orlando here.

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Universal Studios

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General Info:

Universal Studios, located in Orlando, Florida, is a multi-faceted resort including theme parks, resorts, restaurants, movie theater and night scene. The two theme parks are Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure. Connected to these theme parks is CityWalk, an enormous plaza including restaurants, movie theater, bars, bowling alley, mini-golf course, clubs and water taxis that connect to three different resorts. The three resorts it connects to are the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel, and Loews Royal Pacific Resort. The Cabana Bay Beach Resort is nearby as well, and this resort is connected to CityWalk and the theme parks by bus shuttle. CityWalk offers all types of dining options from expensive to affordable. Some of the popular restaurants include Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, Emeril’s Orlando and the brand new NBC Sports Grill & Brew. The water taxis are a popular and unbelievably beneficial element to the experience of staying at one of the three resorts and attending the theme parks. The water taxis are small boats that fit about 40 to 50 people that arrive at your hotel’s dock and takes you right to the dock at CityWalk. From there, you are only a short walk to your next destination, whether it be a restaurant, theme park or movie theater. This resort exemplifies the idea of making fun as easy as possible.


Butterbeer – Cold, Frozen or Hot? | Butterbeer


Butterbeer at Universal Orlando

One of the great benefits of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Diagon Alley at Universal Orlando is the ease of access to Butterbeer.  The parks offer three varieties:  cold, frozen, and hot.  You can also choose whether to have your drink in a plastic cup or in a souvenir mug.  We also want to mention that they offer Butterbeer flavored ice cream.  While we won’t be discussing that in depth here, we do suggest giving that a try as well!

Which Butterbeer Variety is the Best?

As we said, you can order this drink cold, frozen, or hot.  While the cold varieties seem to make sense being that the majority of the year it is pretty hot at the parks, the hot variety has it’s brief moment in the spotlight. The cold variety is just served chilled and tastes similar to a cream soda. The frozen variety has the consistency of a slurpee.

This wizardly drink is delicious any way you order it.  There appears, however, to be disagreement about which way is the most delicious.

Butterbeer  Butterbeer

So here we go, we want to know which way you think tastes the best!  Tell us below and may the best Butterbeer win!


Which variety of Butterbeer is the best?

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We think Universal Orlando did a great job bringing this amazing drink to life.  They also make it easily accessible and offer it in many locations throughout the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Diagon Alley.

Butterbeer Away from the Parks

Can’t get to the parks? Check out this link:  Homemade Butter Beer Recipe

While a homemade recipe isn’t quite going to live up to what the parks offer, it can be a nice way to hold you over until your next trip.  As an added bonus, buy the souvenir mug while in the park and then use it when drinking the homemade Butterbeer at home!


When does the dragon fire off?

Universal Studios’ new Diagon Alley is home to a massive fire-breathing dragon sitting atop Gringott’s Bank. It is a quite a site to see the dragon blow fire over the watching crowd. But you’ve got to be there at the right time to see it. Supposedly, it’s completely random.

Early rumors were that it went off every 10 minutes. That’s not true. One Diagon alley worker revealed to me that if you hung around the dragon 10 minutes before every hour, you’d see the show. In my experiences, I’ve found that if you hang around the area for 15-25 minutes, it’s likely that you’ll start to hear the dragon rumbling and heating up, and you’ll see the fire balls light up the sky.

What are your thoughts?