Coke Freestyle Mugs at Universal Orlando

One thing we absolutely love about visiting the Universal Orlando parks is being able to use our Coke Freestyle refillable mug.  We all know that at any theme park, drinks can be expensive.  Hydration, however, is essential to a successful theme park day.

When you initially purchase the Coke Freestyle mug, it will cost $11.99 and your mug will be active for the day of purchase.  You will be able to refill your mug at any of the Coke Freestyle machines around the parks and you will have from over 100 flavors of drinks to choose from.

The key to making this purchase really worth it is to save the mug and bring it back to the park with you on your next visit.  You will be able to “recharge” your mug for $6.00!  That is a really great deal when you compare that price to what it would cost to continue to purchase single-serve cups or bottled drinks.

We love that Universal has implemented such a great system and we honestly hope more parks join in!


Breaking: Stars Wars Land announced for Disney’s Hollywood Studios!


Disney CEO Bob Iger announced today that plans are set to build a Star Wars Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Iger said it will be the largest expansion ever:  14 acres!  This is exciting news as there has been much speculation around a Star Wars-themed area in a park that needs a makeover.  So far we know there will be two rides, one featuring the Millennium Falcon and one adventure ride that puts guests in the center of a galactic battle!  And huge news:  there WILL BE a Cantina!!! Stay tuned as we will find out more Disney Parks details later today!


Cheap and easy dining option at Universal Studios

Here’s a quick tip! The cafeteria in Simpson’s Land is a great, easy and cheaper option to grab some eats. If you have a large family with lots of kids, this is an ideal spot for you.

It is open seating, and everyone in your group can choose the type of food they want. And comparing it to other options… it’s on the cheaper side of things.

This is near the back of the park, so the right time to go will be after you ride some rides and slowly make your way back there.

We love having the freedom to choose the style of food we’re in the mood for and being able to all still eat together. Plus if you’re a big Simpson’s fan, there’s plenty of props and tv clips to make you nostalgic!

Below are the options within this eating area:

  • Krusty Burger – burgers and hot dogs
  • The Frying Dutchman – seafood
  • Cletus’ Chicken Shack – fried chicken, including chicken & waffles!
  • Luigi’s Pizza – pizza
  • Lisa’s Teahouse of Horror – healthier options including prepackaged sandwiches and salads

Also recently added to the streets of Springfield are food trucks and an outside bar for an even quicker bite to eat!